About Share The Table

Families across the country are uniquely different, and yet we all experience the common need for greater connection. That’s why Barilla created Share The Table® – to help inspire, empower and support all families to enjoy more meaningful meals.

In 1877, Pietro Barilla Sr. opened a small bakery in Parma, Italy. Today, Barilla® is still a family-owned company which believes that the table is much more than just a place to eat, and food is better when it is shared. We believe meaningful meals start with sharing—sharing your day, sharing laughter, sharing traditions—moments that connect you with your family and friends.

We are dedicated to keeping mealtime a special time for families everywhere. We create products based on the Mediterranean nutritional model, delivering both taste and nutrition, to help people all over the world share the table together. So join us, share with us and Share The Table®.

We help people live better, by bringing well-being and the joy of eating into their everyday lives.

Preparing and eating food together is one of the simplest things we can do to live better. Enjoying great food together not only provides us with physical sustenance, but it also nourishes us mentally and emotionally. Barilla’s white paper study, Share the Table: The State of Dinnertime in America, showed that those who eat high quality meals together more frequently have improved life outcomes in several areas, including being satisfied with every aspect of their lives and having significantly higher well-being index scores.

In addition, Barilla’s second white paper study, Benefits of the Family Dinner for Parents and Children, showed a myriad of emotional benefits for children, like higher levels of confidence, self-esteem, sense of security and leadership to name a few.

Barilla believes that while mealtime may not be a panacea for building strong children and families, it is still one of the most important things we can do to instill a sense of courage, confidence, and character in our children today, so that they, in turn, can make the world a better place.